OwlH Software TAP real time configuration

What is OwlH Software TAP real-time configuration mode?


Software TAP - Collect traffic from server instances

  • Client Side:
    • Install OwlH Client in your linux system (debian or CentOS based systems)
    • Run traffic forwarding command on you windows systems
  • Define a local interface in your OwlH Node to inject the remote traffic.
  • Run Traffic collector in your OwlH Node.
  • Point your NIDS solutions to listen the local interface

Software TAP - Using AWS VPC traffic mirror

  • Configure your VPC port mirror
    • check Amazon instances limitations and compatibility
  • Your OwlH node should run two network interfaces.
  • Create a local interface to manage VxLAN Traffic
  • Point your NIDS solutions to listen the VxLAN interface

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OwlH - current v0.11.x - Nov - OwlH Changelog

documentation last updated - Jan 21, 2020