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Check Flow Data diagram and checkpoints.


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OwlH Dashboards on Kibana

Can’t see any alert on owlh-alert dashboard

Maybe Saved Queries are using a different index pattern than the one you are using:

  • Open Saved queries OwlH Alert, OwlH Conn and OwlH DNS.
  • OwlH Alert should be using wazuh-alerts-3.x, wazuh-alerts-4.x or wazuh-alerts-* depending on your Wazuh version. if you are running wazuh 3.x use wazuh-alerts-3.x. if running wazuh 4.x choose wazuh-alerts-*.
  • Save, you should see now events in discovery, if any then your dashboard should work now.

If your OwlH Alerts dashboard isn’t showing anything maybe is because your wazuh-alerts index pattern needs to be updated.

  • detect if you need to refresh index patter by searching on discovery for event_type. open any event found and look for alert symbol. If you can see alert symbol then you need to refresh your index pattern
  • go kibana -> management -> index pattern -> wazuh-alerts pattern -> reload wazuh index pattern
  • go back to discovery, verify alert symbol is gone.
  • open OwlH Alerts dashboard, you should see alerts now